The Washington Baseball School

The Washington Baseball School provides some of the finest youth and high school baseball camps in the country. Whether you are a young beginner just learning the game, a middle school player ready to take your game up a notch, or a high school player with aspirations of playing at the next level, Washington baseball school has a camp to suit your needs. Coach Meggs, head coach at the University of Washington and his staff are present for all camps and take great pride in the quality of instruction, providing a 1 to 8 coach to camper ratio. All camps and clinics are high energy with great attention to detail and safety. This is a baseball opportunity that we feel confident will exceed your expectations. We look forward to seeing you on our campus!


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JULY 2017

7/24 – 7/27 ~ Monday to Thursday

JR. Dawgs Baseball Summer Youth Camp III

Location: Husky Ball Park-Seattle, WA  |  Ages 7-12

Cost: $ 399.00   |   View Details   |   Register Now ››

7/31 – 8/03 ~ Monday to Thursday

JR. Dawgs Baseball Summer Youth Camp IV

Location: Husky Ball Park-Seattle, WA  |  Ages 7-12

Cost: $ 399.00   |   View Details   |   Register Now ››


8/04 – 8/06 ~ Friday to Sunday

Summer Prospect Games Camp

Location: Husky Ball Park-Seattle, WA  |  Ages: 9th Grade & Up

Cost: $ 399.00   |   View Details   |   Register Now ››

8/07 ~ Monday

Washington Baseball Diamond Dawg Hitting Experience

Location: Marymoor Park - Redmond, WA  |  Ages: 8-18

Cost: $ 89.00   |   View Details   |   Register Now ››

8/08 – 8/11 ~ Tuesday to Friday

Washington Baseball Diamond Dawg Experience

Location: Marymoor Park-Redmond, WA  |  Ages: 8-18

Cost: $ 395.00   |   View Details   |   Register Now ››

Click on View Details for more information.

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Our baseball camps and showcases in Seattle, Wa are a great opportunity to take your game to the next level. Each camp is hosted by our staff here at the University of Washington.

Questions regarding Washington Baseball School? Please e-mail or 206 931-4807. Don't miss the opportunity to attend this amazing Pac 12 Conference Baseball Camp!

Washington Baseball School
PO Box 1533
Bellevue, WA 98009-1533

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