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'Tradition, Passion' Leads Butch Thompson to Auburn


Auburn introduced Thompson as its baseball coach, bringing in former Tigers' pitching coach who brings a reputation of integrity and recruiting prowess after spending 15 years in the Southeastern Conference.
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Auburn University (AL) Camps Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it mandatory that we see a doctor prior to attending camp?

Signed "Medical Clearance" and "Parental Consent & Waiver of Responsibility" forms are required to be submitted prior to attending camp. You will receive these forms via email once you are registered for camp.


I noticed that the youth camp is open to kids ages 7 - 12. Will my 7 year old be playing against 12 year olds?

In each camp we will divide the players into teams by age. Players will be competing against other players of similar age and abilities. This policy applies at the youth camps and the high school camps.


Do you accept walk-ups at registration?

Yes however, there is a $20 surcharge for registering the day of the camp.


What will happen if there is rain?

All events will occur RAIN or SHINE. Fortunately we have access to many of the athletic facilities at Auburn. We have plenty of indoor batting cages as well as use of other indoor facilities.


What is the best airport to fly into and how can I get to Auburn from it?

The nearest major airport is Atlanta which is 100 miles from Auburn. From there you can either rent a car, or take the shuttle service Express 85 to Auburn. The number for Express 85 is 334-887-8595.


What do we need to bring?

Campers should bring the following items: glove, baseball shoes, tennis shoes, practice pants, shorts, and a hat. If possible, catchers should bring their catching gear, and participants should bring their bat.

Clothing should match the weather conditions and campers should be prepared for any kind of weather. Please label all of your items! Resident campers should bring twin sheets and a blanket and pillow. Also, bring any toiletry items that might be needed as well as an alarm clock.


Can my son have his car at Auburn for the camp?

Yes. However, the camp director will take up the car keys of any resident camper and hold them until the conclusion of camp. The keys will be returned at the conclusion of the camp session or if there is an emergency that requires the use of the camper's vehicle.


How do I get a copy of the required paperwork?

The required paperwork (Voluntary waiver form, medical clearance, and insurance information) will be sent directly to you to the e-mail address you provide as part of your confirmation e-mail. You may also access this information on the Auburn website at Please note, you may use a physical or doctor's report dated within a year of camp so long as it contains the doctor's signature.


Can my child participate without the medical clearance?

No. It is Auburn University's policy that ALL campers turn in completed paperwork before they will be allowed to participate in any camp activities.


My child is 6-8 years old. Is that too young to stay in the dorm?

No. We have kids of all ages that stay in the dorm. We leave that up to the individual families to decide if they are comfortable with their child staying in the dorm and if they think their child will be okay doing so.


Who supervises the overnight campers in the dorms?

We have one of our certified athletic trainers in the dorm along with several of our coaches. We have coaches spread out on each floor and they are responsible for overseeing their floor. The coaches do a room check and "lights-out" each night and take roll immediately in the morning prior to breakfast.


What activities are there for the campers in the dorms?

Our camp schedule keeps the campers at the baseball field each night until about 8:30-9pm. Once they arrive back at the dorm there is little time for activities prior to lights out. They basically have time to shower, get a drink and a snack, and then room check is shortly thereafter.


Do you recommend any specific hotel for the parents staying in town for the camps?

There are many great hotels in the Auburn area. Please visit the following link for information regarding accommodations while in town for camp: CLICK HERE


Do I have to sign up for a primary position? What if I play multiple positions?

We have a few camps throughout the year (Labor Day, Select 25, and Elite) that are position specific where you will participate at a single position for the duration of the camp due to the schedule and purpose of the camp. The remaining camps offer some flexibility for campers to experience instruction at multiple positions while at camp.

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