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Using 3D motion-analysis data from the Major League level, Diamond Camps shows you how to reach your potential as a ball player. Our instructors show you why the best in the game are the best. Then they help you discover ways to do what they do. Don't learn techniques that work for someone else. Learn how to get the most out your body and be the best you can possibly be.

Diamond Baseball Camps

Instructing the game of baseball has relied on conventional wisdom and individual opinions for as long as it has been around. As such, there are many myths that still remain when teaching the game today. Even the use of video analysis (two-dimensional) cannot fully explain what actually happens in the complex, three-dimensional movements of a baseball swing or pitching delivery.

Diamond Camps provides amateur players access to the world's most accurate and exclusive baseball information. The information we teach comes from a 3D motion-analysis company called Bio-Kinetics Research and Development Inc. They've studied the best MLB hitters and pitchers for over 20 years. The information has just started being purchased by MLB clubs in 2013!

Bio-Kinetics Inc. has discovered the parts of a swing or delivery that all the best players have in common. They have also discovered the sequence of the movements that allow the best in the game to get so much out of their bodies.

Now you can have that information. Learn how to be the best hitter or pitcher that you can be. The best in the game are the best for a reason…and we show you why. It's not opinion or what we think. The information is measurable and factual making it completely unbiased.

We combine several teaching methods during our camps, including computerized motion analysis, to deliver our information to our campers. We also limit the roster sizes of our camps to ensure a proper learning environment, and provide an abundance of individual attention.

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"The Bio-Kinetics, Inc research information is the foundation to our offensive approach at Oregon State. The study of the swings of the best hitters in baseball in a computer generated three-dimensional motion analysis during actual major league games has helped us understand how the body works, especially using the lower half to generate bat speed and to create a more consistent swing path.
This helps the hitters make the adjustments that all have to make to hit at this level of competition and gives them the best chance to succeed in professional baseball also. The researched information, when understood and applied, will help young hitters reach their full potential offensively, and eliminate assumptions and myths that are currently in the game of baseball."

Pat Casey, Head Baseball Coach, Oregon State University

Questions regarding Diamond Baseball Camps? Contact 208-539-6622 or e-mail darciebobrowski@gmail.com

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